Lietuvos Darbo Žmonių Švietimo Draugija
Lithuanian Labour Education Society (LLES)

Lithuanian Labour Education Society (LLES) is an NGO established in 1996 as an initiative to unite education and training facilities and resources of several civil society as well as to co-ordinate educational activities amongst them and to serve as a counselling and research facility.

LLES is a member of Solidar through the Baltic Platform and former member of International Federation of Workers’ Education Associations (IFWEA).

With the assistance of the Nordic labour education organizations and several projects LLES later has developed its own programme of self-sufficient study circles that were organised through the country on various topics both for leaders and members.

Lately LLES is more focused on the social assistance, counselling and trainings of unemployed persons, actively involving youth into voluntary activities, and promoting broader civil and social dialogue.


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