“E.U. CITIZENS WITH NO FRONTIERS” is a project in the context of Europe for citizens program, Action 2, Measure 3, Support to projects Initiated by civil society organizations.

“Europe for Citizens” Program:
The European Union is made of its citizens and for its citizens! With this in mind, the Euroeuropape for Citizens Program is funding projects and activities aimed at getting the EU’s 500 million inhabitants to play a greater part in the development of the EU. By funding schemes and activities in which citizens can participate, the Program is promoting Europe’s shared history and values, and fostering a sense of ownership for how the EU develops. The Europe for citizens program helps promote understanding between the Union and its citizens, seeks to deepen awareness of what it means to be a European, and assists in developing a sense of European identity.     more…



“E.U. CITIZENS WITH NO FRONTIERS” results leafleat (.pdf)

Europos mobilumo deklaracija (.pdf)

Project description (.pdf)


Sign petition. Promote mobility in Europe!

Mobility among the countries of Europe should happen without difficulties, problems or restrictions for everyone. sign



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